We have expertise and experience in all types of communication. We can help you with all forms of the written word as well as  support your business development.


Journalism                    Social Media

Blogging                         Internal & External Communications

Press Releases             Case Studies

E-newsletters               Copywriting – Websites & Printed Materials

Do you need to update your website or write a regular blog but never have the time?

That’s where we can help, providing copy that will keep your customers informed of your latest products or services and your business approach.

We work offline as well, writing case studies, articles, press releases or copy for marketing materials. Whatever you need when it comes to the written word.

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Business Development:

Media Relations          Communication Strategies

Facilitation                    Behaviour Change

Campaigns                     Consultation & Engagement

Writing tenders           Event Management

We have solutions for businesses and organisations on campaigning, behaviour change, strategic development and consultation and engagement. We can help your business become more efficient and focused on what you want to achieve.

Campaigns: Our wider communications support includes developing strategies specific to your needs, such as a campaign covering media relations, article and blog writing or developing marketing materials. All to help raise your profile among customers and suppliers or reinforce internal communications among staff.

Engagement: We have experience on community engagement projects, particularly on planning proposals for waste facilities and renewable technology developments. We identify community stakeholders and engage with them, developing key messages, writing marketing copy to support the proposals and deliver events, such as public exhibitions or facilitate meetings.

You can talk to Lulu Consulting in the following ways:

07540 535259


Twitter: @luluconsult

Or contact us through the form below:

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