5 elements to include when developing your promotional campaign

Any promotional campaign should be an integral part of planning the new products in the early stages of development. You’re going to have new products and services to launch and need to look at how you’re going to tell your customers about them.

But in today’s world where we are bombarded with message after message every minute of the day how do you draw attention to your products over everyone else’s?

Speaking at last week’s Bookseller Marketing and Publicity conference Anna Chapman, senior strategist at Contagious, an advisory service for the marketing industry, discussed a number of commandments to live by. The book The Contagious Commandments: 10 steps to brand bravery, is to be published in the autumn.

Anna shared five of the company’s commandments that any businesses can follow. Implementing these principles could aid the thinking process and creative development when devising promotional campaigns. And many just make good business sense.

5 elements to consider:

1. Be useful, relevant and entertaining

Is the information you provide to your customers useful to their business and will it help solve a problem they face? Your research should reinforce how you will be helping customers and the focus should always be on them, making any interaction relevant to their needs, not yours. It may not always be appropriate to execute a campaign in an entertaining way but adding a touch of humour in the right place can be beneficial.

2. Be generous

This goes back to the phrase ‘what’s in it for me?’, something that all people will be asking themselves as they start to interact with your business. By keeping the phrase ‘what’s in it for them?’ at the forefront of your campaign you should be able to demonstrate how you understand your clients and the issues they face.

3 people mobile phones

How do you ensure your message comes across when competing against everything else

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

3. Align with their behaviour

Do your customers behave in a specific way that you can mirror? An example given by Anna Chapman focused on Sleek Make-up as it realised not all potential customers used its products. The company created a manifesto targeting all those that were passionate about using make-up in their own way, called My Face, My Rules. The campaign film brought together a variety of different people who used make-up, demonstrating how wide their customer base was and showing how they represented all make-up junkies.

4. Weaponise your audience

Do you provide tools to help your followers spread the message about your business for you? Create succinct pieces of text or images that are easy to send to others or share within the social media platform. If you’ve built up sufficient engagement with your audience many will be more than willing to share the information if they find it relevant to them.

5. Have a purpose

For Anna Chapman this is where everything starts from at Contagious. Knowing why you exist and why you offer the services and products is integral to all business decisions. Check out Simon Sinek’s TED Talk on understanding how your why is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you to do what you do.


Today it’s more important than ever to get your message heard above the noise and to get people to act upon what they receive. If you’re at the stage of starting to develop a promotional campaign consider implementing one of the five principles above. It would be great to hear how you get on.


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