Why booking a stand at an exhibition makes good business sense

It’s Global Exhibition Day (#GED18) today, giving me the opportunity to discuss the benefits of exhibiting at a show.

These days there are still an abundance of events to choose from within different industry sectors, ranging from conferences, expos and festivals. Despite the proliferation of digital promotion exhibitions remain one of the best ways to meet a lot of people in a short period of time, helping to raise awareness of your products and services.

At the end of the day human beings like dealing with humans face to face. It’s just part of our make up. When speaking to someone in front of you, you get to see their reactions straight away, and you get the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation that is difficult to do during an online exchange. Building relationships with your customers is all about building trust with them and that process is so much easier to do when you meet them in the flesh. People will soon see your expertise in your industry field and feel comfortable in doing business with you, if not straight away sometime in the future.

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If planned properly exhibiting at an expo can be time well spent

At an expo there’s the chance to catch up with existing customers to ask them about any problems or concerns they have. It’s a great place to undertake market research on your business to understand how you are helping your customers and what areas you could exploit. But more importantly an exhibition is also an ideal opportunity to meet new customers, that you may not have come across in the digital world. Delegates attend shows for specific reasons, such as looking for new suppliers, solutions to issues they are facing or simply to learn about more about a particular topic. Having taken a day out of the office they have genuine needs to fulfil and therefore are unlikely to be time wasters.

Launching a new product or service at an exhibition can give your business a breadth of exposure at a reasonable cost that would be difficult to match if you held a stand alone event. Automatically you have thousands of potential customers in the same room. How long would it take to access the same amount and get immediate feedback using other digital means? Don’t forget to use an appropriate method to collate peoples’ data, so you have their contact information for future use.

Taking a stand at an exhibition can be expensive but through proper research and planning it can be time well spent. A coherent communication strategy is essential, promoting your presence as much in the run up to the event as well as on the days itself, and afterwards. Only by doing this can you make the best return on your investment.

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