4 ways to use live video to maximise opportunities on Facebook

There’s a huge buzz around live video at the moment, seen as the way businesses can still build up a presence on Facebook and get their message across.

While live video is not a new phenomenon for 2018 it has become more important since Mark Zuckerberg made his announcement on 11 January, stating: “I’m changing the goal… from focusing on helping you find relevant content to helping you have more meaningful social interactions.”

And one of the ways of creating these meaningful social interactions is by creating live video, which according to analysis by Facebook, generates six times more interactions than regular video. In live video you can quickly see how expert and knowledgeable a person is (or not) and if you achieve this you can build up the trust among the people you are talking to.

Producing the right content for the right audience is crucial, establishing that all important know, like and trust philosophy.

And undertaken in the correct manner it can produce results, says founder of Social Media Examiner, Mike Stelzner, speaking at Social Media Marketing World a few months back.  “With video the intent and repeat viewership matter. If people like what they are watching and find it useful or entertaining they will go out of their way to find it and watch more than once. They will also encourage others to watch and share among their community.”

So what are the different ways you can use live video to help engage with your customers?

4 ways to use live video

1. At events

Making a live video when you’re out and about at a conference or exhibition can demonstrate your knowledge of the sector you work in. You can share with your customers what you have learnt that day and discuss the latest trends by interviewing key people. Bringing your expertise to your community is essential and there are plenty of opportunities to do that at an expo, such as talking about new products or services on offer. Are they good or bad – tell your community about them and let them decide.

man talking

Using live video at conferences is an ideal way to share latest news with your customers

2. Breaking news

If important news about your industry breaks tell your community about it, don’t wait until you write your blog or post another update on social media. It doesn’t have to be long, a summary of what has happened and a brief analysis of the likely impact. As Mike Stelzner adds: “It’s OK to be imperfect,” sharing the news and your views on it is all important. As the saying goes ‘done is better than perfect’.

3. Hints and tips

Create a regular slot to talk about different tips and useful tools that will help your customers with their day-to-day job. It can take a few minutes, offering a quick ‘how to’ lesson that people will be easily able to implement. Going live at a regular time each week is vital so followers know when to check in and hear the latest hints and tips.

4. Weekly news show

Once you’ve gained confidence plan out a weekly news show bringing in experts to talk and dissect relevant news in the sector. Again it’s about demonstrating your knowledge and expertise in your community – building up that all important trust. Perhaps you can collaborate with other experts to share the workload.

All of these have time and cost implications but if you wish your business to continue having a presence on Facebook and generate engagement the view from the experts is that live video is the way forward. Don’t forget to plan your live video sessions alongside other elements in  your marketing and communications plan to ensure you are consistent in your messaging.

Starting to do live videos is on my to do list this year – is it on yours?


I had a virtual ticket to this year’s Social Media Marketing Expo that takes place in San Diego each year. Over future weeks I’ll be providing information across a broad section of topics, looking at different social media channels as well as blogging, podcasting and content marketing.


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