5 ways awareness events can generate ideas for your blog

Want a never-ending supply of ideas to help you write your blogs? Then help is at hand.

Awareness days, weeks, and months have exploded in recent years. Almost every day we are recognising, celebrating or remembering some aspect of life, event in history, someone’s life. Any many can help inspire ideas for blogs.

This month there has been a focus on areas such as beds, vegetarians and on a whole host of them connected with writing – World Theatre Day, World Storytelling Day and Poetry Day. Coming up in April we have World Homeopathy Awareness Week and Earth Day among many others to look forward to.

Conducting a Google search is the easiest way to find what’s relevant for you. My recent search came up with different categories including health, national and international all of which could provide a number of different topics for you to write about throughout the year. Whatever the focus of your blog I’m sure you will be able to find a direct match on a particular topic or the subject area will provide inspiration to you.

screen shot awareness days

Some of the results when searching for awareness days

5 ways awareness events can help

1. Develop your editorial content calendar

Start to fill in your editorial content calendar by highlighting the different days, weeks or months throughout the year. If a particular slant for the blog comes to mind jot down a few notes to remind you when you come back to it later. For those days six months in advance I tend to just write down the topic and revisit it nearer the time.

Awareness days are an excellent way

to help you forward plan your content

2. Start using hashtags

Once you’ve written your blog you will want to share it with the world. Attaching the relevant hashtags (#) within your social media channels will bring your article to a wider audience as well as help show your support for the cause itself. Blogging after all is about sharing useful information and engaging with the world.

3. Create a series of articles

Any particular theme could generate a variety of different ideas that, useful if it is an awareness week or month. This gives you the opportunity to write a series of articles and expand in more detail on the topic in question, ideal if the topic marries directly with the focus of your blog. For example, when working with clients in the sustainability sector I write a series of blog posts for them to send out each day during Recycle Week, usually focusing on recycling hints and advice and asking readers to suggest tips of their own. Take the time to brainstorm your ideas on a sheet of paper and see where your creativity takes you.

4. Create a graphic

Take a statement or find a quote connected to the specific awareness event and create a graphic that can be used within your blog and to help promote yourself on social media. I’ve started using Canva recently and this free software (paid for options are available) provides numerous templates for a variety of graphics which you can edit to suit your needs.

5. Opportunity to re-purpose content

Many awareness events take place each year so once you have written a blog there is nothing stopping you using it again at a later date. Think about the different ways you can use the copy, perhaps something new can be highlighted or you have thought about another angle you could develop from the original text. Whatever you have it’s yours to use again as you like.

graphic of beach and sea

If there was a mindfulness day I would use this graphic created in Canva to promote the message

While using awareness events provides an amazing source of ideas there are just a couple of things to warn about. In an era of fake news it is essential to check your sources. Most prominent ones will have a website and social media profiles so always go to the actual organisers rather than rely on lists that other websites provide. This is a good place to start your research that will hopefully inspire plenty of ideas. The topic you write about must align with your values and it can’t be too forced. Just because there are plenty of opportunities to link into awareness events there should be direct correlation to the focus of your blog.

It’s important to continue to generate plenty of ideas for your blog to avoid the dreaded blank page staring back at you. Planning ahead works for me. It shows readers you are in touch with relevant events but takes away the stress of having to write blogs at the last-minute to show you are up to date.

Overall awareness events provide an invaluable resource to your editorial calendar.




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