How to still get engagement on your Facebook Page

If you have a Page on Facebook to promote your business or organisation you won’t have failed to notice the amount of detail surrounding Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement to fix Facebook a few weeks back. His plans to ensure there are more interactions between friends and family connections will mean there will be fewer posts from Pages within your news feed.

This is a good time to review your approach to Facebook and develop another strategy. It’s no longer about the number of times you update your posts; now it is essential to provide quality content that educates, entertains and inspires. Personally I think this is no bad thing. I’ve been fed up for ages with the number of posts that just give the hard sell. Buy, buy, buy more of my stuff. The whole ethos of social media that it is social and we engage with one another. Too many businesses and organisations use it as though it is a broadcast medium.

To develop that quality content it is crucial to have a weekly and monthly plan identifying the different types of posts you will be updating. Having a strategy or campaign helps to focus the mind and should be incorporated across all social media.

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Posting comments that educate, inspire and entertain are crucial

Posts will still appear in news feeds that inspire meaningful conversations and interactions amongst people. Long comments that people have thought about and taken the time to write will be more valuable than simple likes. The job is to create news content that is shared and talked about. If you’re a member of any Facebook group you’re likely to see this happen frequently, where shared interests and concerns are discussed openly and in-depth. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more Groups starting up over the next few months.

The other changes you may have already noticed is more live video feeds and an increase in sponsored posts that appear in your news feed. Live video is said to attract six times the amount of interaction and engagement to recorded video. Live video, if executed properly, gives you ample opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge on particular subjects. Start with a short video and see how it goes.

Advertising is set to increase and while it’s always been reported that you can reach a wide audience with little money, the jury is still out on whether if and how this will change in the future. Again start small and ensure you build in time to refine your key messages to get the best results.

Being strategic in your social media is now more important than ever. Diversify to other platforms, ensuring that you have a presence where your customers and potential customers are interacting. But don’t forget: Instagram is owned by Facebook and similar changes to that platform are likely to follow at some time.


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