Finding the right ways to tell the world about your business

Businesses are organic, they don’t remain in one place for eternity; they adapt and change in order to remain profitable.

Trends come and go, new inventions are developed, people have more or less money in order to buy the things they want to. The way we communicate with others has seen many changes over the years. A century ago the telegram and letter were the most popular ways to catch up with friends and family members. Now we’re more likely to update our status on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed than reach for the telephone and speak to them directly.

The same applies to how we engage with our customers. As each month goes past it seems there is another channel to choose from, another way to reach our clients and potential clients. Adapting to these changes is crucial if we wish to stay in business. Just remember how profitable Kodak and Blockbuster were not that long ago.

notebook, survey graphics

Reviewing your services and products should be part of your business plan

At Lulu Consulting we’re planning new services and products. But we want to ensure what we offer meets your business needs. This month we’re running a survey to assess what businesses are looking for when they wish to tell the world about their products or services but are unsure how to go about it.

The survey takes just four minutes to complete and those who provide contact details have the chance to win an hour’s free consultation with Lulu Consulting. The survey can be found here.



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