Getting the right message

What sort of message do you send out to attract customers? Does is demonstrate the type of business your are?

Getting the message right is crucial to help grow your business and it is worth spending time developing your values and how these will be reflected in the communications you make. Most of all it will help make you stand out from the crowd, which is becoming increasingly difficult each day as we are bombarded from all angles.

A brainstorming session is a good place to start to formulate your ideas and these can be honed into a few messages after a short time. It is useful to find one key statement that represents what the business is really about and use additional phrases to support and expand this central theme.


Are you sending out the right message to your customers?

Photo credit: Natalipopova2011: Freestock Images

Once the key message and supporting phrases have been agreed you can use them when creating content within your communication strategy. When generating copy don’t forget to be mindful that it will be useful and engaging to those reading it.

Things to remember when creating content:

Good content:

  1. Highlights benefits over features
  2. Provides solutions
  3. Information provided in a succinct manner
  4. Includes images or video
  5. Features content generated by others

Bad content:

  1. Talks only about the business
  2. Not specific for targeted customers
  3. Is only about the hard sell
  4. Waffly and difficult to understand
  5. Difficult to engage with



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