New workshop date: Boosting Writers’ Presence Online: 26 November

Most people these days expect to see some sort of online presence from those in the creative industries. For writers much of the online world should be easy – we deal in words, right, so we must be able to navigate our way around.

Concentrating on the novel or short story or whatever writing you do is important but equally important is getting that work out there.

For writers today it’s never been so important for writers to establish an online presence to attract readers, agents and publishers. It does require a different approach but writers have one of the main necessary skills required for the job. They love words, forming them into sentences long and short, playing around with them until they are happy they are in the right order.

notebook pen graphic

The workshop will help writers boost their presence online

And that’s the basis of creating an online presence. Yes we have to think about pictures and inputting the words into the correct infrastructure but once you’ve got your words sorted you’re almost there.  So if you’re a writer and wish to join the digital age, look no further.

Following the success of previous workshops  the Bridport Arts Centre has asked me to repeat the Developing a Writer’s Presence Online Workshop. Aimed at all kinds of writers this interactive workshop will focus on what individuals wish to achieve through their online profile, help to develop a strategic plan and give  practical support on compiling a WordPress website. Other aspects covered during the day include blogging and a basic introduction to Facebook and Twitter.

The course is aimed at beginners who wish to gain a greater understanding in using digital media to their advantage.

Developing a Writer’s Presence Online

Date: 26 November 2017


Venue: Cafe, Bridport Arts Centre

Booking via the Bridport Arts Centre website will be available shortly. Please get in contact if you’re interested in attending this workshop by emailing


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