How the right content can help your business

Content it’s all around us, it’s difficult to get away from it. Daily we are bombarded with message upon message and it takes time to filter out what can be useful and what isn’t.

Compiling content can seem a daunting task, it covers so many aspects, but undertaken in the right way gives you the opportunity to let more customers know about your business.

Like with most things developing a strategy and implementing a plan is a good starting point. When mapping out different content it is easier to avoid overlapping topic areas or the types used, such as writing a blog, posting different social media updates or producing a 30-second video. Building up a plan over a weekly or monthly basis reduces some of the stress, though it still involves a degree of work.

So what should be included in your list? There should be a focus on providing knowledge rather than giving the hard sell on your products and services. The usual approach would be for every sales-type message, five others should concentrate on sharing useful pieces of information, commenting on the views of others as well as discussing subjects within the industry sector you trade in or current news items.

girl with smart phone

Using a smart phone can create great pictures for your blog

Photo credit: icyimage

And when promoting products and services don’t just list the features. Detailing the benefits of a product, demonstrating how a product or service can provide a solution to a particular problem will draw a potential customer in, helping them to make the final purchasing decision.

Any search through the internet will result in plenty of websites where you can find information to share. Just be aware that what you do share chimes with your business’ values and comes from a trusted source. Alongside new product launches don’t forget to include events you may be attending or sponsoring, key business anniversaries and updates of your employees achievements. Nowadays there are no end of specific ‘weeks’ or ‘days’, where the focus will be on a particular theme for a short period of time. It should be possible to make some connection to many of them over the year.

Top tips for using content properly:

  1. Develop a plan and review it regularly
  2. Make sure you share other peoples’ information more than your own
  3. Check the articles you share chime with your own values and ethics
  4. Carve out time each week to write an article of original content
  5. Measure the engagement of articles – what works and what doesn’t and amend accordingly

Be sure you are a business that creates content that is useful, entertaining or informative – you will notice the difference.



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