Importance of planning long-term

I was pleased to see that delegates to my recent workshop How to develop a writer’s presence online quickly picked up the importance of planning when it comes to putting together a website. In fact it’s important to do in anything related to communications.

Rather than jumping straight into a project think about what you wish to achieve, what are the outcomes you’d be most happy with. Without setting specific benchmarks it’s difficult to measure and note the progress that’s being made.

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What works today may not be necessary in a year’s time or there will be different aspects you wish to try out. So part of the planning process should cover long-term aims, as far you see fit. All too often there’s the propensity to focus on what is just in front of ourselves, the immediate future rather than consider what could happen over a period of time.

Just think of all the technological changes that have happened over the past five years. How people engage and interact, whatever their age. Nothing is set in stone so your communications plans shouldn’t be either.



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