Plan what you want to say

As writers we approach the craft in different ways. Some like to jump right in and see where their pen takes them, others like to plot their story in minute detail before writing the first word. And then there’s all the options in between.

I fall in the middle ground, starting with a skeleton where I can add muscles, flesh, organs and veins as I progress the story. I end up going in different directions from my original thoughts but that’s the joy I get in writing. For me the story comes alive as I meet my characters and drop them in different situations.


I add detail to my skeleton outline

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There’s no right or wrong way of writing, you need to find what suits your personality, how you can best get the words on the page and create something you are proud of.

But when it comes to developing a website I plan all the way. Who do I want to read my website and how do I attract people beyond my own circle of friends and acquaintances? And what am I going to write about on an ongoing basis? These and similar questions need a detailed thought process before deciding on the design and the platform I wish to use.

Following the success of last year’s session the Bridport Arts Centre has asked me to repeat the Developing a Writer’s Presence Online Workshop. Aimed at all kinds of writers this interactive workshop will focus on what individuals wish to achieve through their online profile, help to develop a strategic plan and give  practical support on compiling a WordPress website. Other aspects covered during the day include blogging and a basic introduction to Facebook and Twitter.

The course is aimed at beginners who wish to gain a greater understanding in using digital media to their advantage.

Developing a Writer’s Presence Online

Date: 5 March 2017


Venue: Cafe, Bridport Arts Centre

Cost: £30.00

Booking via the Bridport Arts Centre website



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