Collaboration and connectivity key to

Want to know how to create a more sustainable future but unsure where to start? Then the website may be for  you.

At a time when we’re looking for economic models to tackle the threat to resources, to improve the inequity around the globe and create a fairer society, this website has been developed to share ideas and projects that can make that change.

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While funded and supported by a host of well-known global brands, including as founding partners Unilever, The Coca-Cola Company, Marks and Spencer, BT Group and Carlsberg, the site is a non-profit platform to raise awareness of what people can do to make a positive impact.

To date the focus, through films and articles, has been on local projects that can benefit the local community. It’s about making use of all the local skills and tools at hand and making it easy for people to change just one part of their daily life to make a difference.

But this is all about connectivity and collaboration – what can start small can grow to build a greater monumental change. And show the politicians and economists what really can be achieved if you think differently and share that thinking with others.

Some great ideas on this site – check it out.




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