Seeing renewable energy in a different light

Energy is all around us but do we think before we flick the light switch, turn on the oven to cook a meal or hear the central heating clicking on to heat the house?

It’s worth taking the time to ponder the journey it takes before it gets to us, before we grab it with both hands in our desire to keep our houses and businesses powered to the max. And to think about where it comes from, which sources are used to create it and how resourceful this is.

But it’s not all about getting tied down in the science. I’ve enjoyed sifting through Matt Harvey‘s poetry collection The Element in the Room, curated during his period as poet in residence for Regen SW, where he was asked to contemplate renewable energy.


As Matt says in his introduction these poems are intended for our pleasure, interest and to provoke discussion. They are not meant to be the last word on the subject.

A few stand out for me – The Element in the Room, discussing why renewable energy is a great thing with the help from Dr Seuss; An Unchanging View, focusing on the challenges of changing behaviour; and Less Is More, does what it says on the can and yes less definitely is more. And finally Paris about concerns over the climate change conference that will be held in December 2015.



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