Further inquiry to boost remanufacturing sector

Following on from its earlier report the APSRG (All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group) has put out another call for evidence to establish the optimal policy environment to encourage remanufacturing activity. Joining forces with the All-Party Manufacturing Group the inquiry seeks to examine the potential for remanufacturing in the UK which could play a decisive role in ensuring resource security and provide additional economic, environmental and social benefits.

The report will consider how remanufacturing increases the potential for re-shoring parts and products; examine the role of remanufacturing in improving national resilience;
explore the potential drivers and barriers for remanufacturing in diverse industries, ranging from those where it is difficult to those where it is already commonplace;
consider the benefits of alternative types of business models (eg: servitisation) in engaging in remanufacturing; and
identify areas where further Government regulation or incentives may be needed to stimulate remanufacturing.

front cover inquiry

Inquiry into remanufacturing

The call for evidence is broken down into different headings including drivers and barriers to remanufacturing; business models lending themselves to remanufacturing; industries where remanufacturing is commonplace; industries where remanufacturing is not commonplace and ways to move forward.

The report, Remanufacturing: Towards a Resource Efficient Economy, published in March made a number of recommendations including:

  • Adopting a definition of remanufacturing to provide clarity on what is regarded as remanufacturing as opposed to refurbishment and reuse
  • Amending Guidance on the Legal Definition of Waste to distinguish a product that is due to be remanufactured as being exempt from products considered waste
  • Consider a tax break for remanufacturers to encourage uptake
  • Consider a certified mark for remanufacturing to demonstrate products have been test and comply with those standards of a new product
  • Set up a Centre of Excellence for products that have the most potential for remanufacturing

The inquiry is open until 19 September and responses should be sent to anne-marie.benoy@policyconnect.org.uk


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