Time to start thinking about energy efficiency

As energy prices are about to rise again, following imminent cuts in UK power production, it’s time to look at how much we consume and identify ways to improve efficiency.

Older power stations are closing at a faster rate than renewable energy and other technologies can replace them, and the first rises are expected by April when there will be a 10% fall in capacity. The country will be increasingly reliant on importing energy, competing with the likes of China and the Far East.

With prices on the up now is a good time to review energy consumption and see how it can be reduced. There are many simple low or no cost initiatives you can introduce into your business that can help bring your bills down.

Just boil enough water to make the drinks you need

tea 003

Our top 10 tips:

  • Open blinds to use natural daylight where possible
  • Turn off lights and equipment when not in use and at the end of every¬† day
  • Monitor energy consumption – see when the most energy is being used
  • Keep the thermostat at 19 deg – each degree rise increases costs by 8%
  • Install sensor motion lighting in areas infrequently used
  • Consider replacing light bulbs with LED lighting
  • Check electrical appliances, such as fridges, are working at their most efficient
  • Only boil water in the kettle for the drinks you need to make
  • Put on a fleece or jumper rather than turn up the thermostat
  • Use printers when you need to – print in batches, than have the printer on all the time

Lulu Consulting provides help and guidance to small businesses looking to implement energy-efficient measures. Email janerayner@luluconsulting.co.uk to set up a meeting today.


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