Change your approach to become a profitable business

Do you want your company to be the firm that people like doing business with? Silly question really – we all do. But what do you do to reinforce that message? While price remains at the forefront of most transactions, knowing that we’re getting value for money and that we’re not adversely affecting others are not far behind.

Attitudes are changing with a growing number of consumers keen to ensure that the products or services they buy do make efficient use of resources and everyone involved in production is treated fairly. In the public sector the tendering process in most cases requires businesses to not only include their environmental policy but also demonstrate how it is being implemented. No longer is it sufficient to write a policy and forget about it.  These days you need to show you’re actually doing something about it.

In the private sector larger firms, who have programmes to tackle the impacts of climate change, are asking the business they work with to share their policies on what they are doing. If they can’t illustrate how they are reducing their carbon footprint or introducing a sustainable approach to the business their days are numbered on the suppliers list.

So if you want to do business in the public and private sector the expectation is to have relevant policies and demonstrate a different approach to business. Do you wish to miss out on these potential revenue streams?

Can you demonstrate how your environmental policies are being implemented?


Photo: Luigi Diamanti

Adopting a sustainable approach should not only help you to win more work. By reviewing your current practices you may identify where money is being needlessly spent and can introduce cost savings to the company. Generating more finance will give you greater flexibility, whether its being able to maintain staff levels, take on new people or expand into a new product area. One local company who installed solar heating into the office invested the savings made on the previous electricity bill to develop a workshop offering a complimentary service to existing ones. As a result the company doubled its profits within  a year.

But it’s not just about the money. Sustainability is about people, whether its staff or those in the local community. Offering fair working practices, with opportunities to develop skills can help with staff retention and provide the resources needed to move into different areas. A great reputation can mean support from the local community – you can’t beat positive word of mouth promotion from consumers, it’s the best form of advertising.

So sustainability is not just another headache to worry about, another action on the to do list. It can generate money, strengthen the stability of the firm and enhance its reputation. Helping to develop a strong, profitable company, creating a reputation that people wish to do business with.


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