What’s your “One More Thing” pledge?

Pledging to do ‘One More Thing’ is this year’s theme for National Zero Waste Week, running between 3 – 9 September. It’s a reminder that taking small steps can make a huge difference if everyone  does their bit.

Organisers have decided to focus on improving recycling habits because “if every household in the UK recycled ‘One More Thing’, the total amount collected for recycling could increase by more than three-quarters of a million tonnes”. And it doesn’t have to remain in the home – pledges can be equally relevant in the workplace, encouraging employees to take up a simple activity that can increase recycling.

You could recycle unwanted office furniture, start composting canteen food waste or replace plastic cups with crockery. Take a look around your workplace and see what’s possible.

In the home you could reduce the amount of food packaging – try cutting down on ready meals or use local independent shops who tend to use less rigid plastic packaging. Or as autumn/winter approaches have a good clear out of your wardrobe taking clothes that you don’t wear, or no longer fit, to charity shops.

Remember it’s the simple things that often make all the difference. You can make your pledge and get further tips at the Zero Waste Week website.


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  1. We have implemented an ink cartridge recycling box in our office with proceeds to Combat Stress the chairty the looks after soldiers minds and mental welfare.

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