Wanted: Your views on business waste and recycling infrastructure

Planning issues, community resistance and inflexible finance options are some of the barriers cited for building a waste and recycling infrastructure in the UK. But there remains pressing need to build new facilities, both to fulfil obligations under EU legislation and to ensure we realise the inherent value in the materials that get thrown away.

Part of this new infrastructure will need to cater for the business community, with a network of reprocessing and treatment facilities that reflect the range and types of business waste that gets disposed. Future business waste infrastructure will need to be responsive to changing waste streams, such as the type of materials, their composition and quantities as well as be flexible to take advantage of new innovations and technologies.

Under the European Pathway to Zero Waste programme AEA is undertaking a series of workshops to get a better understanding of how to deliver this much needed waste infrastructure, discussing the barriers and identifying potential solutions. It is looking for input from a range of people involved in planning, permitting, infrastructure, financing, procurement, waste management contractors, local authority officers and waste producers.

Workshop attendees will be able to tour around SCA Recycling’s Southampton Materials Recovery Facility

The 16 workshops run between 1 May and 5 July and there will be an opportunity to visit different waste facilities, such as Materials Recovery Facilities, Anaerobic Digestion plants and Energy Recovery Facilities, as part of the day.

Lulu Consulting will be attending one of the workshops, so if you are a business that has views on the collection and reprocessing of your waste and recycling or the development of the waste infrastructure contact janerayner@luluconsulting.co.uk before 2 May and we will feed in your comments at the workshop.


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