Green action plans – demonstrating your intentions

While your environmental policy shows your commitment to implementing green initiatives the supporting action plan is an equally important document.

Increasingly during the public sector tendering process businesses are being asked for their environmental policy and to demonstrate the work carried out on these commitments. What achievements have been made and which areas are still work in progress. Many businesses unfortunately think that writing the environmental policy is enough – in reality this just shows a firm paying lip service to the green agenda.

The green action plan goes hand in hand with writing an environmental policy; it demonstrates how it will be implemented, it defines measurable targets and objectives and shows compliance with environmental regulations. This needn’t be a sophisticated environmental management system, smaller businesses can illustrate significant progress through a more simple action plan.

The plan should include details of the objective, what tasks need to be undertaken, the target being aimed for, the person responsible for achieving the objective and the timeframe. Like any environmental initiative the plan needs to be overseen by a senior manager and regularly reviewed.

Businesses shouldn’t be put off by incorporating green actions into their business plans. This process can be broken down into simple measures, taken one step at a time, such as focusing on recycling and waste reduction before moving onto energy efficiency or transport issues, for example. Once started businesses rarely stop, building upon the financial savings they’ve made year on year.

Are you ready to join this growing number of firms?


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