12 tips for 2012

Many businesses are put off by implementing green initiatives because they think it’s too costly or takes up too much time. But there are many simple actions you and your staff can do that will help lower your costs and improve the impact on the environment.

Here’s 12 tips for 2012:

  • Turn it down – keep heating at a steady 19C. Each degree rise increases heating costs by 8%
  • Analyse how much paper you buy each month for printing and photocopying – aim to half your consumption
  • Switch off computers and monitors  – one computer & monitor left on 24/7 costs £45 a year. By switching off or putting on standby these costs are cut to £10 a year
  • Do you really need a fax machine – can you email instead?
  • Open the blinds – use natural daylight
  • Do you have to travel to that meeting? – try using Skype or investing in video conferencing equipment
  • Scrutinise your utility bills – read your meters to check you’re using what you’re paying for
  • Use ceramic mugs or glasses rather than disposable plastic or polystyrene cups
  • Do you really need everything you buy – try not to generate waste in the first place
  • Install an energy monitor – do you know which machines take up the most energy?
  • Regard materials as a resource – how can they further benefit your business or a neighbouring one?
  • Share your success – let everyone know how you’re getting on and the savings you’re making

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