Benefits for adopting green initiatives

Many businesses understand the need to look at implementing environmental plans within their firm – improving resource efficiency makes good business sense. But what are the benefits of doing so?

Here we detail the wider ways going green can help your business:

1. Investing the money you’ve saved

Improving energy efficiency, cutting out waste or reducing the number of off-site meetings can all help to save your business money. But what do you do with this saving? In some cases it could be the difference between keeping on a member of staff or making them redundant; in more robust firms it could allow more staff to be recruited. Perhaps you’ve wanted to expand, offering a new service but the banks won’t lend to you? We’ve worked with a firm who, with the money saved on its electricity bill from installing solar heating, has developed a carpentry side to the business, complimenting its existing products.

2. Staff development

Do you have great staff members who are keen to take on more responsibility but have no projects for them to work on? Getting these people to take control of developing and implementing green initiatives will give them experience in people and project management – all necessary skills to help them move up the career ladder. They’ll get the opportunity to increase knowledge on data collation and analysis, people liaison and engagement and work across all parts of a business.

3. Improve company culture

By writing an environmental policy you are making a commitment to behave in a certain way and adopt specific practices. Implementing a successful green action plan requires regular communication throughout the company, whether it’s generating ideas from staff, educating them at lunch meetings  about recycling and waste reduction or updating people on how well they have reduced energy consumption. These measures should provide opportunities to enhance and portray a positive company culture among staff and externally to suppliers and customers.

4. Opportunity to review your business

As the new year kicks in we’ve all got our 2012 business plans on our desks, freshly printed with aims and aspirations. Sustainability should not be a bolt on to business planning, it should be an integral part of the review.  Does sustainability feature in yours? Considering environmental impacts and wider issues could provide new opportunities not previously considered under a more narrow focus. You may be considering working more closely with the public sector – to successfully complete the tender process you’ll need to demonstrate robust environmental policies – or you may want to work with larger companies in the private sector. Larger corporations, who’ve been working on sustainability over a number of years , are beginning to look across their supply chains and asking suppliers how they’re reducing their carbon footprint. Those not making the mark are likely to get shown the door.

Implementing green initiatives is all about tackling the resource inefficiencies within firms and improving the overall way we do business. We also help the planet along the way.


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