Improving manufacturing processes boosts efficiency

Ensuring manufacturing processes are performing to their optimum functionality is essential. Applying the correct technology and processes can help to achieve the principles of “right first time” manufacturing and should be regularly reviewed to ensure an efficient, smooth running operation.

Many smaller firms may feel the help and guidance for these types of reviews is out of reach through a lack finance or time. Assessing the latest technological developments is necessary to develop the company and enter new markets, but it is not always feasible to do this work.

Small businesses in the South West, wishing to implement new technologies and processes, can get help and guidance from LIMA (Laboratory for Integrated Metrology Applications). Its service helps SMEs gain an understanding of metrology and implement this knowledge in to their production processes to promote right-first-time manufacturing.

Reviewing existing manufacturing processes can help to reduce wastage, increase machine up time, shorten manufacturing lead-time and improve profitability.

LIMA offers a free service to SMEs in the South West, providing up to 12 hours of technical services support to help companies transform their manufacturing processes. Funded by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and SWRDA (South West Regional Development Agency), the free service will allow smaller firms to benefit from learning about the latest technology to develop and grow their businesses.

The programme lasts for another two years and information about the service can be found at


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