Making business recycling easier

A Business Waste and Recycling Services Commitment has been launched, designed to make recycling easier for small businesses.

Brought out by Government departments and supported by the Federation of Small Businesses, the commitment encourages local authorities to sign up to a 12-step programme. Offering tailor-made services, clear pricing structures and guidance on business’ legal responsibilities are among the 12 principles in the commitment.

The commitment comes after the Government’s Waste Review, published earlier in the year, which stated it wants to get more businesses recycling their waste and to make it easier for them to do so.

The 12-step commitment covers:

  1. Reliable and regular collections
  2. A collection service tailored to meet the needs of your business
  3. Clear information about the recycling service
  4. Support you to recycle your waste
  5. Contracts managed by following the principles of best practice
  6. Reasonable and clear fees
  7. Guidance on your responsibilities for managing waste
  8. A directory of local waste and recycling services
  9. Help with donating unwanted items for reuse or buying quality second-hand products
  10. A sensible approach to enforcement
  11. Easy ways to give us your feedback
  12. A commitment to continuous improvement

In line with many of the Government’s other recycling practices, the commitment is voluntary for local authorities to sign up to. With evidence suggesting that more businesses would recycle if there was an easy, local system, let’s hope this gives a boost to greater recycling from the business community.


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