£6m saved by environmental measures

The Environment Agency (EA) has cut its CO2 emissions by almost one fifth and reduced its costs by more than £6 million a year.

The organisation measures its environmental performance in five key areas and over the last five years (2006-2011) demonstrates reductions in all areas. These include:

  • Office waste – reduced by 18%, 66% less to landfill
  • Mileage – reduced by 33%, 19 million fewer miles per year
  • Carbon dioxide – a 17% reduction in emissions
  • Buildings’ energy – a 15% reduction in use
  • Mains water – an 18% reduction

The organisation used a variety of technologies to achieve these reductions, including introducing cleaner vehicles, water saving technology as well as different technologies to reduce energy use, such as wind pumps and biomass boilers. Improved recycling facilities and raising awareness amongst staff helped to reduce office waste.

The EA has ambitious targets in these five areas to achieve a 33% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2015 but is also encouraging other organisations to improve their environmental reporting and performance.

Environment Agency Chief Executive, Dr Paul Leinster, said:  “Transport, energy and waste all contribute and need to be managed, measured and reduced.  Those that do so effectively will reduce costs and improve their reputation.

“In the future, we’ll see higher energy prices, more carbon reporting and greater competition for resources. Good environmental management helps address each and also helps to reduce our running costs.”

Businesses who wish to reduce costs and improve their environmental performance can find out more at the next Greening Your Business workshop on 22 September or by contacting janerayner@luluconsulting.co.uk


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