Job opportunities for renewable heating installers

Grants up to £1,250 will be available to householders to install renewable heating systems from 1 August.

Aimed primarily at the 4 million households not heated by mains gas the £15 million Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme will run until March 2012, supporting up to 25,000 installations.

Grants for the following technologies will available:

  • Ground source heat pump – £1,250
  • Biomass boiler – £950
  • Air source heat pump – £850
  • Solar thermal hot water panels – £300 (available to all households)

These grants should provide increased opportunities to  installers working with renewable technologies, particularly in places such as Dorset.

Householders will need to ensure they have basic energy efficiency measures in place prior to applying and grants will be available on a first come first served basis. Participants will have to provide feedback on their experience to help increase understanding of renewable heat technologies. The Premium Payment scheme will be run by the Energy Saving Trust.

The Renewable Heat Incentive, where industry, business and communities can benefit from financial assistance, will be open for applications from 30 September, subject to State Aids Approval. This will be administered by Ofgem E-Serve.

These tariffs will be paid for 20 years to eligible technologies, installed since 15 July 2009, with payments made for each kWh of renewable heat produced.


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