Sustainability – growth opportunity for businesses

Sustainability has been identified as a new growth opportunity for businesses in a white paper produced by 2degrees “Sustainable Competitive Advantage – The 4th Economic Revolution: Unavoidable, Opportunity”.

The paper aims to encourage businesses to view sustainability as a driver of growth and competitiveness, rather than one of increased costs and stricter compliance. By building a competitive advantage businesses should be able to benefit from adapting to the challenges of sustainability in a positive way.

Five areas have been identified, which if followed will allow businesses to grow sustainably in the future. The areas are:

  • Collaborative growth & efficiency: collaborating in new ways to deliver efficiency, growth and innovation
  • Zero waste: diverting all waste streams from landfill and delivering more from less resource
  • Renewable resource: grow through the development of products and services that use 100% renewable sources of energy and materials that complete their life-cycle through little or no environmental impact
  • Climate resilience: adapting to the impacts of climate change across operations and supply chains
  • Eco-performance measurement: measuring, monitoring, reporting and managing environmental impacts and resources

The demand for our limited resources has never been greater but by acting to improve efficiency across your business and embracing the sustainability challenges can put you ahead of the game.

Lulu Consulting provides guidance and support on helping businesses become resource efficient. Or you can find out more at the Greening Your Business workshops, run from 28 July – first session free.

Information on the Greening Your Business workshops can be found in the Events section or by emailing


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