Opportunities for trades under the Green Deal

A host of different trades should benefit from the Government’s plans to make the country more energy efficient next year when the Green Deal comes into effect.

Under this scheme energy efficient improvements or measures that generate energy can be made to a property with upfront financing via  the Green Deal. The cost of the work is paid through future energy bills and the payments remain with the property rather than an individual or company. The expected financial savings, resulting from the improvements must be equal to or greater than the cost of repayment over a specified time period – potentially 25 years.

So if you’re a builder, electrician, plumber or double-glazing installer there’s the potential to grow your business through this scheme. The list of product that will be considered under the Green Deal is being put together but currently includes:

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning:

  • condensing boilers
  • under-floor heating
  • heat recovery systems
  • flue gas recovery devices

Building fabric:

  • cavity wall insulation
  • loft insulation
  • energy-efficient glazing & doors
  • heating system insulation
  • draught proofing
  • internal & external wall insulation


  • light fittings & controls

Water heating:

  • innovative hot water systems
  • water efficient taps and showers


  • ground & air source heat pumps
  • solar thermal
  • solar PV
  • biomass boilers
  • micro-CHP

Measures paid for under a Green Deal plan will need to be installed by someone authorised under the Green Deal authorisation scheme, who will be required to comply with a Code of Practice when carrying out work. The British Standards Institute is developing a Publicly Available Specification (PAS) and it’s expected that installers will need to demonstrate compliance with this.

UKAS  has been appointed to accredit certification bodies to ensure they meet the requirements of the PAS. Certification  will be required for companies to register as Green Deal installers and use the Green Deal quality mark.

Naturally different properties will have different requirements and it’s expected that a package of the most cost-effective measures will be offered where possible. Products installed under the Green Deal must be safe, reliable and meet existing European and national health and safety and performance standards.

An Energy Company Obligation is being developed that will be used to pay for energy efficiency measures for low-income and vulnerable households as well as properties where  the next more cost-effective measures are implemented, for example solid wall insulation, but where the savings will not outpay the initial costs.

Currently a costly measure, around 7 million homes will require some form of solid wall insulation and 2.3 million homes will need to be treated with it  by 2022 for the UK to meet carbon targets. While improving energy efficiency is at the heart of the Green Deal, ensuring some householders can heat their homes more affordably is also essential.

The Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation  is currently being developed in the committee stage as part of the Energy Bill and is due to start in autumn 2012.

For more information or guidance on how to become a Green Deal installer contact janerayner@luluconsulting.co.uk


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