Opportunities in going green

Improved brand image, executive decisions and compliance with regulations are the top reasons businesses are going green. The latest report by Bearingpoint “Green Supply Chain: from awareness to action” reviews the environmental actions taken by European firms.

Two thirds participating in the survey had intensified  their green actions in the last three years, seeing business opportunities rather than constraints. Many see the economic benefits of pursuing a green agenda with 47% seeing a return on investment within three years.

Measuring carbon footprints is taking hold, with 80% of companies identifying easy actions that quickly resulted in measurable improvements, such as reducing waste and recycling.

The environmental initiatives are expanding beyond the confines of companies with many preferring to use suppliers that have undergone environmental certification, have a low material and energy consumption and use a large proportion of recyclable materials in their products.

Overall companies in this report are embracing the environmental challenge with the aim to minimise risk, make long-term profits and comply with regulations. And they are keen to see more businesses follow suit, opting to choose to work with those firms that are like-minded.


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