Actions required on green claims

Can you prove every line in your business’ environmental policy?

Increasingly companies are being asked for details on their approach to sustainability, information on their environmental impact and their role in the local community. And for those wishing to win tenders, particularly from the public sector, just having a policy is not enough these days.

Sustainability policies are being thoroughly checked during the tender process and those businesses unable to prove what they say they do and demonstrate how they measure progress will lose out on key tenders. The opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses to win public sector work is on the increase, particularly as many feel that smaller, local suppliers can provide better value for money.

Corporate social responsibility, or corporate social opportunity as I like to say, will be regarded as a wider part of the business community in the future and low-carbon transition plans are gradually being put into place. Now is a good time to get your house in order.

Public sector tenders focus on six key areas on environmental policies – energy, waste, water, legislation, transport and resources. Naturally businesses should concentrate on the areas most pertinent to them, but just stating them in an environmental policy written two years ago is no longer enough. Targets need to be set, actions measured and policies reviewed.

And many actions can help save businesses money – one beauty salon in south London saved £900 in one quarter by adopting simple energy-saving measures. In the current times that’s just good business sense.

At Lulu Consulting we know that small businesses have little time or knowledge to go green, even though many wish to. But our expertise and experience means we can help develop and implement  sustainability policies, tailor-made for each business. For more information on this cost-effective service that could be the difference between winning or losing a tender, email


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