Little actions make a difference

At the beginning of April the Landfill Tax will increase an additional £8 taking it to £48 per tonne. This hefty increase provides a great incentive for businesses and organisations to rethink the way their waste is disposed and will result in a greater push on recycling and waste reduction programmes from councils. For the cynical out there that still do not believe that materials collected for recycling do actually get recycled, you only have to do the maths. It doesn’t make economic sense to collect recyclables for them to end up in landfill.

Since 30 October 2007 businesses have had to comply with the Pre-Treatment Requirements, which bans non-hazardous liquids to landfill and non-hazardous waste has to be treated before it is disposed in landfill. But saving money remains key for any business in the current climate and adopting environmental initiatives, whether it’s recycling, energy efficiency or water reduction, can all help. Here we list top 10 tips to help businesses rethink some of their ways. (Many of these can also be adopted in the home as well).

  1. Only print if you have to and double-sided
  2. Use recycled paper
  3. Remove individual bins and replace with one central bin and bins for recyclables
  4. Recycle everything you can – paper, drinks cans, toners, cardboard
  5. Use crockery and glass rather than plastic or polysterene cups
  6. Always turn off computers and lights at the end of the day
  7. Use mains filtered water rather than bottled
  8. Encourage staff to use public transport, cycle or walk where possible
  9. Monitor your electricity meter – how much power is used during “dead” times
  10. Invest in eco-buttons and use when computers are left idle

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